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Full Body to Body Massage

The Mantra Spa invites you to attend a full body to body massage at a reasonable price. The highest skills of our specialists, combined with a unique atmosphere of comfort and tranquility, have an incredibly powerful anti-stress and relaxing effect.

A relaxing b2b massage is a relaxation procedure aimed at obtaining a general strengthening effect (relieving muscle hypertonicity and nervous tension). treat yourself or your loved ones with this massage. Great as a weekend getaway. Has indications and contraindications. In our salon, this procedure is performed by a qualified body massage therapist with a medical education. To obtain a full effect, this massage is recommended to be performed once a week.

It is important! Relaxing massage is indicated for people, even if they do not have diseases and pathological conditions. The modern rhythm of life, stress, anxiety, lack of vitamins, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity - all this leads to depletion of the body. Relaxation techniques will help restore strength and energy balance.

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