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Swedish Massage

The Swedish general massage technique was developed in the early 19th century in Stockholm. The founder is Henrik Ling, who researched and thoroughly studied the forms, elements and techniques of massage of the Romans, Greeks, Chinese. Then the techniques of Old Russian, Arabic and Chinese massage were layered. This type of massage is recommended for men, women and children. The result is a kind of symbiosis that has absorbed the best.

The peculiarity and main difference of Swedish massage is that it works stronger and deeper. The fingers, bent at the phalanges, aim to reach the bone itself. The main task of the techniques used is stretching and loosening the muscles and neurovascular bundles, kneading the seals. General massage according to the Swedish method also has a diagnostic effect that controls many processes in the body. The fingers examine the human body and identify “faults”. Periodic repetition of the course allows you to compose a holistic picture of the state of health. This applies to both massage for men and women.

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