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Mantra Spa is a unique in its concept and amazing energy project, where they work not only with the human body, but also with his soul. The healing effect occurs through the five senses: taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing. This is a place where everyone can feel their divine origin, be filled with the energy of love and peace.


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Our centre provides a range of spa services. Jacuzzi bath, steam bath, spa areas, body massage treatments, physiotherapy and much more.

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Offers for relaxation and spa programs for guests Salon of massage and spa-relaxation Mantra Spa programs, massages from all over the world, rest and relaxation programs for every taste.

Body Massage Parlour

Massage is a real art, which is created to preserve health, beauty, harmony of the body and spirit of a person. Massage helps to balance all body systems, improve the psychophysical state and feel a surge of energy.


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Latest Posts

28 Mar, 2021

Intoxicate Candle Massage to Arouse Your Senses

The treatment with aromatic candle massage is very effective that can bring you instant relief from a number of discomforts.

28 Mar, 2021

Why Your Body Feels Worse After a Massage

Usually, experienced massagers adopt a different procedure to provide the right kind of massage to the first-time customers.

28 Mar, 2021

Health Benefits Of Warm Stone Massage

To get the best impact of the warm stone massage, the stones are placed at several points on the body.


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